Li-Ion Battery Pack Design for Electric Vehicles (2023)

The Exclusive Guide to Battery Pack Design for Electric Vehicles: Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical and Systems Approach.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of different lithium-ion cell chemistries and make informed decisions in battery selection and design
  • Master the principles of mechanical design of battery module and pack, enabling you to design robust and reliable battery systems.
  • Learn how Li-Ion battery behaves at various temperatures and how to define the operating temperature requirement to maintain safety, performance and life.
  • Learn the importance of thermal management systems in EV battery packs and explore various types and methodologies for battery cooling
  • Develop an understanding of the electrical components in an EV battery pack (BDU, contactors, sensing, fuses, etc) and their selection criteria.
  • Learn about the Battery Management System and the crucial role it play with respect to safeguarding the battery pack and extending cycle life.
  • Gain knowledge about battery pack testing including functional and abuse testing.
  • Dive into the world of EVs and understand their history, growth, common terminology and sizing requirements.
  • Gain insights into the future trends of lithium-ion batteries and electrification, allowing you to anticipate and adapt to emerging


  • No technical expertise required. Some understanding of mechanical, thermal and electrical engineering would be beneficial.


Welcome to an unparalleled learning experience in the realm of battery pack design for electric vehicles. This course, the first of its kind, is exclusively dedicated to the intricate world of Li-ion battery pack design. It offers an all-encompassing guide that meticulously covers every facet of this critical subject, from fundamental terminology to the most advanced design concepts.

The course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the pivotal role that battery packs play in the operation and performance of electric vehicles. We delve into the selection of materials, the intricacies of mechanical packaging design, the complexities of thermal management, and much more. This isn’t merely an educational journey; it’s an invitation to become part of the electric vehicle revolution.

The current decade signals a paradigm shift in transportation with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and Li-ion battery technology. Propelled by advancements in battery efficiency, global sustainability goals, and shifting consumer preferences, EVs are poised to dominate the automotive industry.

Whether you’re a student seeking to broaden your knowledge, a professional aiming to specialize in this field, or an enthusiast with a keen interest in electric vehicles, this course offers a unique opportunity to gain expertise in a field that is shaping the future of transportation.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and young engineers diving into the field of EVs.
  • Experienced technical professionals looking to switch to the EV industry.
  • Non-technical people working in EV industry or energy storage industry,
  • Anyone looking to become future ready and equip themselves with the skills necessary for the future.
  • Maintenance & service professionals looking to understand EV technology to equip themselves for future EV servicing and rebuilds.
  • Hobbyists and entrepreneurs looking to build their own battery packs or energy storage systems.



Instructor: Aditya Deshpande

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