Logo Design Essentials: Create eye catching Logos

Practical knowledge to create a logo that communicates your brand and its values from scratch.Create eye catching Logos

What you’ll learn

  • Integrate the skill of logo creation
  • Logo design as an essential part of branding
  • Understand the process of visual communication
  • Create logos that enforce brand message
  • Understand the meaning of shape in Logos
  • Understand the meaning of color in Logos


  • Corel Draw, Adobe illustrator, Autodesk Sketchbook or any other drawing software
  • Basic graphic design knowledge
  • Good taste


Logo design is an essential skill that marketers MUST learn if they want to expand their marketing expertise. Why?

Because Logos are a fundamental element of any brand.

Logos are like the face of the brand, they’re all that people remember when they think of a brand.

A good logo is the one that enforces the brand message.

Like any visual communication, the elements of design, like shape, color, typography, style, contrast and composition communicate at subconscious levels Create eye catching Logos.

This communication happens instantly, without us realizing. However, with the right training, you can learn to identify all of the elements that are part of this communication and use them to support your brand message.

In this course you’ll witness exactly:

  • How to design logos that people will remember
  • KISS technique (Keep it Simple Stupid)
  • The Elements of a Logo
  • The role of COLOR in logos
  • The role of SHAPES in logos
  • How to take control over the subconscious process of logo communication

You’ll also get to see how we create a custom logo right in front of your eyes. A real logo for a REAL COMPANY called Career Claw. You’ll get to see the whole process and watch one of our guys, Kamron, use Corel Draw to create an outstanding logo out of the blue!

Learn to be your very own graphic designer!

Logo creation is a Skill that everyone would be interested in learning.

And, you can learn this all in under an hour!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has, or is planning on building a brand.
  • People who want to learn graphic design skills
  • People who don’t want to hire designers


Instructor: iMarket XL

iMarket XL was founded by Matt Jensen & Max Cord with the sole purpose of teaching people how to create and run an online business.

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