Fastbreak Spanish: Learn to speak Spanish with Ease!

After taking this training, you will be surprised about how quickly you can build your own basic sentences in Spanish. Learn to speak Spanish by practicing this course

What you’ll learn

  • This course is not about grammar. Our main objective is for you to be fluent speaking and able to understand conversational Spanish.


  • No previuos knowledge is required.


Learning a second language is a highly complex, time consuming and costly process, mainly due to three factors:

1 – the broad range of communicative situations the learner is exposed to.

2 – the many separate, but interrelated factors that the speaker must be aware of, to produce a speech, i.e. phonetic, grammar, semantic, context, goals, strategies, body language and so on.

3 – the language vagueness, i.e. and by vagueness we mean the different meanings a phrase can have depending on the context it has been used in.

Frustration, dropout without completion, low self-esteem, longer timelines and higher costs are among the consequences of taking the wrong approach to learn a foreign language. The good news is there is another way to quickly and effectively learn a second language.

You usually hear people saying that they can understand a lot more than they can speak. Do you know why? Well, language is a skill and not information. The only way you can develop a skill is by practicing and in this case that means repetition. You can be presented with information in form of grammar or explanations of sentence patterns and you can learn it, but that  is only awareness, now you can recognize phrases or pattern or word sequences, but you cannot produce. The only way to develop your conversational skills is overlearning, i.e., repeating patterns until they are embedded into your subconscious mind.  Repetition is the key to become fluent in a second language and that is what this course is about: to make you a fluent Spanish speaker

We keep the grammar at the lowest level and focus on over-learning. We will teach you how to become fluent in Spanish in no time.

Remember that to speak like a native doesn’t mean to sound like a native but to think like a native. A native doesn’t need to think about what they need to say, they think about how to achieve their communication goals and they don’t need to think about which words to use, that is subconscious. That is the main objective of the course, to make you think like a native Spanish speaker.

This one is the first part of a series of courses that we will release in the near future.

The course is divided into 5 sections:

1.Spanish pronunciation

2.Basic grammar

3.Spanish irregular verbs

4.Basic sentences and useful phrases

5.Basic dialog with repetition-, substitution- and response drills.

If you are in any of the following situations, then this course is definitely for you:

– You need to learn to communicate in Spanish in no time to boost your professional career.

– You are Learn to speak Spanish but you don’t make progress with your communication skills.

– You are about to give up your Spanish course, you are frustrated

– You are about to move to a Spanish-speaking country and want to quickly learn to communicate in Spanish.

– You have learnt Spanish at a certain level but now you are in a Spanish-speaking country and don’t survive conversations.

– You just want to learn to communicate in Spanish to have fun and enhance your culture and horizons.

– You need an effective roadmap to learn to communicate in Spanish.

If you decide to take this course you will receive more than 25 years of experience learning and teaching foreign languages (Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian), surviving in multicultural environments and using the language skills to boost my professional career. Of course you also will have the advantage of combining my Spanish native skills with my professional education as a Linguist and expert in teaching a second language.

There is much to learn from every section here, so work through them all in turn and make sure you extract the most benefit from them. The course is designed to be dipped into quite easily as well, so you can always refer back to it…….

Who this course is for:

  • The course is intended for any person willing to learn to speak Spanish fluently in a quickly and effective way. No previous knowledge is required


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