Javascript Essentials: Learn The basics of Web development Using JavaScript

Learn Web development Using JavaScript, Learn how Javascript works, some basic API’s and finally create a mini project.

What You Will Learn

Learn basic syntax that can apply to any language.

Learn what is a programming language and the basic concepts for beginners.

Understand what is Javascript in it’s truest form.

Know the basic syntax of Javascript.

Know some hidden quirks in Javascript.


  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.


Learn the Javascript essentials for web development or any type of programming.

Unlock the Foundations: Dive deep into the fundamentals of JavaScript with our meticulously designed course. From mastering primitive types, arrays, and functions to grasping assignment operators and unraveling the nuances of the window object – we cover it all. Our clear and concise explanations demystify complex concepts like objects, constructors, and arrays, ensuring accessibility for learners of all levels.

Explore the Intricacies: Delve into the intricacies that make JavaScript tick. We take you on a journey through the inner workings of this versatile language. Explore advanced topics such as prototype inheritance, scope, execution context, and more. With our expert guidance, you’ll gain insights that elevate your proficiency and enable you to tackle complex coding challenges with confidence.

Unleash Unlimited Potential: Why should you invest your time in mastering JavaScript? The reasons are as boundless as the opportunities it presents. JavaScript’s ubiquity knows no bounds – from mobile apps to desktop applications, server-side marvels powered by Node.js, and its integral role in every browser worldwide, JavaScript’s influence continues to expand. As we venture into 2016 and beyond, the importance of JavaScript only grows. The time has never been more ripe to grasp its essentials and secure your programming prowess.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who already understands and has knowledge of basic syntax in Javascript.


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