Free Online Advanced Cardiac life Support Course

Save a Life By National healthcare provider solutions(NHCPS) in Partnership with DISQUE Foundation bring to you a comprehensive course on Advanced Cardiac life Support. NHCPS one of the leading institutions in online certification and recertification course providers is a repository for online resources in health.

To successfully enroll in this Free online Advanced Cardiac life Support certification course, the following steps should be taken;


  1. Directly enrolling on the course with the coupon code automatically applied
  2. This involves clicking the enroll link at the end of this section
  3. it will take you directly to Enroll on the NHCPS site without much work to be done.
  4. Proceed to Place the order after Filing your details.



Using this step, one can visit the NHCPS site

Add the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course to the cart

Apply the coupon code = socia!fre3acls0623

Fill up your details

And proceed to check out

Viola, you have been successfully enrolled.

have a smooth study, and see you at the Pediatrics Advance  Life Support (PALS) course





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