How to create an animated promo video in PowerPoint

How to create an animated promo video in PowerPoint, Create your own custom animated video that you can use as promo material for a marketing campaign


  • The student must have MS PowerPoint 2016 or later


After you complete this course, you will get to know and practice:

  • major tools and techniques of PowerPointEven if you never worked in PowerPoint before, we will explain step by step, so you will not have any complications. It will help you to create professional presentations by yourself.
  • PowerPoint hotkeysTo optimize the working process and increase speed, we will use hotkeys. We will explain how they work and how to use them, and by the end of the course, you will easily use them.
  • animation and transitionWe will show you the standard and nonstandard animation effects in PowerPoint. Combining these effects, you can create your own custom video.
  • convert the presentation to high-quality videoYou will gain enough knowledge to animate any static presentation in PowerPoint and produce the video.

Why do you need to create an animated promo video in PowerPoint? The animated promo video is an effective tool of a marketing campaign. It attracts more attention than static images. Yet, many people assume that creating professional promo videos requires much time and knowledge of professional video editing tools. In our course, we offer the solution – creating an attractive animated promo video in PowerPoint. The benefits of this type of video are:

  • easy to create. You can complete this course within several days and by the end of the course, you will have your video;
  • easy to edit. Once you create the video, you can easily change text, images, animation, etc., and use it multiple times for different marketing campaigns;
  • no need of complex video editing softwareThe majority of people use Microsoft Office which includes PowerPoint. That is all you need. Even if you never used PowerPoint, following our instructions will help you to create your own animated promo video.
  • highest quality Ultra HD 4KPowerPoint 2019 allows recording video in Ultra HD 4K (3840 × 2160 px). For this course, we will record the video in FullHD to reduce file size and increase speed. Recording the Ultra HD 4K has no difference in the work process, you just need to select this resolution in the end.

Who this course is for:

  • Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers who need promo videos, webinar videos, and attractive presentation for a conference
  • Udemy instructors who want to improve the quality of their videos
  • People who want to learn how to create professional engaging videos without deep knowledge of video editing tools

What you’ll learn

  • Create an animated promo video in PowerPoint
  • Create professional PowerPoint Presentations from scratch
  • Use major PowerPoint tools and techniques
  • Create dynamic animations and non-standard transitions in PowerPoint
  • Animate complex slides with multiple layers (work with the selection pane)
  • Convert Presentation to video and add the background music


Instructors: Anton Bystrov and Natalia Liashenko

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