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An Internet Connection and a Smartphone or Laptop. This Course Is Suitable for Complete Novices or Those Who’ve Already Gained Some Experience.


Welcome to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Beginners – your comprehensive guide!

Hello Dear Student, and welcome to our Master Guide to SEO for complete beginners – an essential overview of the MOST important information you need to know about SEO.

In this video, you’ll learn what SEO is, and why it’s important, as well as the different aspects you’ll need to cover to improve your SEO approach – so you can get more traffic and score highly in Google search!

All you need to do is be willing to learn and put into practice the knowledge and strategies we share. You don’t need ANY prior experience with SEO as this guide has been designed to take you through all the most crucial points you need to know – with no previous experience needed.

With the newfound SEO knowledge, you’ll learn from this video, you’ll be able to start improving many aspects of your SEO strategy. You‘ll understand how search engines rank your website, and what things you need to tweak to give your site the best chance in search. You’ll understand important ranking factors, like page loading speed, how to check it, and the crucial importance of getting backlinks.

You’ll also discover why sending the right user signals is important if you want your pages to rank for keywords in Google search. You’ll learn how to choose the best keywords for your topic, and how to create high-performing content that does well in search – as well as so much more.

You’ll learn all the MOST important things you need to know as a complete novice. Even if you’re not a total beginner with SEO, we guarantee you’ll find this video helpful, as we always bring you the LATEST unique strategies, created to help you WIN in today’s digital environment.

We know you can achieve great things with the knowledge we will share with you in this video, and we know you can see amazing results if you’re prepared to put in just a little time and effort.

Ready to get started?

Let’s jump right in and begin by looking at what SEO is…

SEO in a nutshell

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of attracting specific types of traffic to a website or page, from a search engine’s results page. SEO includes content creation and optimization, obtaining backlinks, optimizing for voice search, and keywords. It also includes more technical aspects such as improving your page speed, image load, and site architecture, so search engines can more easily crawl your site.

The three most important things you should aim to do if you want to improve your search engine ranking should be:

1. Make sure your site is easy to access and crawl,

2. Have high-quality content that includes relevant keywords,

3. Get as many backlinks from high authority sites as you can.

In this video, you’ll learn how to achieve these three things, and you’ll also learn ALL the essential information you need to know, to have a good grounding in SEO.

Remember, SEO aims to boost a website’s position in organic search. Organic search differs from paid search results, as with organic search you CANNOT spend money to rank well. Paid results typically appear first at the top of Google, but the downside is, people can see they are paid for ads as the word Ad will appear in front of the link to the website.

Organic results are far more trusted – and one of the best things about scoring highly in organic search is, it doesn’t have to cost you anything!

What does SEO do for your website?

If you have a website, applying SEO techniques will help your site score highly in search results. You’ll need to use a strategy designed to help you rank well on the search engine you want to score highly in, as each one has different requirements. In this video, we’ll be mostly focusing on Google, though many of the things we mention here may well apply to other search engines like Bing.

Your aim with ANY SEO strategy is to get a search engine to notice your site and judge it as the best possible result, whenever a person searches for a topic in your niche.

To get on the first page of Google, your webpage needs to score highly on many ranking factors within Google’s algorithm. There are currently more than 200 Google ranking factors, including relevancy, loading speed, keywords, authority, usefulness, account authority, and more.

Organic and Paid Search Results

Google has two different categories of search results that it displays – paid and organic. There is a BIG difference in the way these two types of results are ranked. With organic search results, there are many more ranking factors that you will need to consider if you want to perform well in search. When it comes to paid results, advertisers are ranked according to the amount they’ll pay a single visitor, sent to them through Google’s Pay Per Click Ad network. The more they are willing to pay the higher they will rank. It’s as simple as that.

Organic search doesn’t work in the same way. You can’t pay your way to the top. Instead, you need to optimize your site, pages, and content so you score highly in Google’s ranking algorithm. The good news is, when people search for information on a topic, most people trust organic search results FAR more than they trust paid results.

In this video, we’ll be focusing solely on organic results, and giving you tips and advice you can use to perform well in organic Google search.

Why do you need SEO?

Search engines will be one of the main sources of traffic to your webpage and Google is the biggest and most popular search engine, by far. Google searches create over half of ALL the traffic on the entire internet, so you can see why it makes sense to optimize your site for Google’s algorithm.

When it’s applied correctly, SEO can help your website rank for 100’s of related keywords in your niche, generating thousands of visitors on each of those phrases every month.

People using paid results would pay a premium for this amount of traffic but by applying some smart SEO principles, you can get it all – for free. Let’s look at some of the things you can do to score highly with Google, so you can start getting a consistent stream of traffic to your website.

We wish you every success and can’t wait to welcome you on board.


Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team

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Who this course is for:

  • For you.
  • Is anyone interested in learning highly in-demand SEO skills.



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