Android NOUGAT – Develop Hands-on Android Apps

Learn to set up Android Studio for building android N applications and develop amazing apps. Develop Hands-on Android Apps

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Multi-Window Support, Detecting Multi-Window Mode, Undesirable Activities
  • Learn about Direct Reply from Notifications, Direct Boot Notifications Enhancements
  • Learn about Multi-Window Support, Install and Settings
  • Learn about Picture Mode, Drag and Drop, Demo Scoped, Directory Access


Java environment based on OpenJDK and added support for Vulcan graphics API.

Below are some important Android Nougat upgrades:

  • Split Screen Mode
  • Quick Switch
  • Secret UI tuner
  • Shades can be easily pulled down for editing
  • Power Notification
  • Easy notification editing
  • Set up a different wallpaper for the lock screen and the home screen
  • Display size
  • Easter Egg

In the section above, we have outlined the major learning outcomes. We provide more details to help explain. The Nougat release contained many important Android development aspects and these are the skills that students will learn through this course. Students should be familiar with the core Android OS, and its basic features. This Android Nougat Tutorial will teach you the following:

  • Support for Multi-Window
  • The Multi-Window Mode can be detected
  • Undesirable Activities
  • Picture Mode
  • Drag and Drop Demo
  • Scoped Directory Access
  • Direct reply from Notifications
  • Direct Boot
  • Enhancement of Notifications
  • Multi-Window Support
  • Install and Setup

This course is designed for:

  • The Java Nougat Tutorial can be used by a variety of people, whether they are involved in the app development industry or IT in general. This Android Nougat Tutorial is open to all students, professionals, consultants, and startup enthusiasts. This course is usually taken by people who have a BTech, BCA or BSc degree, MCA or MTech degree, and MS degree. This course does not require any specific educational qualifications or certifications. Anyone who is interested in app development and knows some coding can take it. We provide our readers with a list of suitable audiences.


Instructor: EDUCBA Bridging the Gap

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