100x guide : finding purposeful undervalued crypto projects

Step-by-step curated guide to make you capable of doing unbiased research and find undervalued cryptos in the market. Finding undervalued crypto projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify crypto projects that have a real use case
  • Detect the scams and the so called “rugpulls”
  • You’ll know the complete set of tools that will provide you with valuable content for your research
  • You’ll learn about the crypto niches that will play a huge role in the future, with real examples.


  • Bank account (if you decide to buy crypto)
  • Valid ID card (if you decide to create an account in a crypto exchange platform that requires KYC=Know Your Customer)
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Basic financial knowledge


“Buy When There’s Blood on the Street” – A very wealthy individual named Baron Rothschild.

You may or may not be aware that many people have retired from bitcoins when they purchased it at $50. They then sold it when it was worth $55000$. That’s 11100x. Imagine if you had only invested 1000$ and forgotten about it for two years.

This course will take you on an exciting journey to transform your financial life. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to find hidden gems in the crypto world, while avoiding scams and false promises.

The goal of this article is to show you how to earn a lot of money.

Many of you may say that cryptocurrency is risky and almost like gambling.

Sorry to tell you, but they are right.

You know what else is also true? These same people do not even know what crypto is. They think it’s a concept with a volatile value that makes it worthless. These people make these statements even though they don’t know anything about its usability. They’re basically acting like people who didn’t believe in the power the internet had in the 1980s; look what you can now do with it.

It’s just to illustrate that crypto is still in its infancy. Many people are skeptical and afraid, but this is normal, because humans are generally scared of change. We are creatures who are weary about taking risks with our money, preferring to stay in our comfort zones and work until 70, when we have little energy and are sick. Our bones hurt and our backs ache. Little effort causes us to sweat. And, to top it all off, you will die a few years later. Sad but true.

As I showed in my example, investing money and waiting a few years can change this sad reality. You’ll need to take calculated risks. In this course, I will show you how.

This course distills the wisdom from years of research and feedback, as well as investment. This is not about promoting my past gains or showing off shiny objects. I want to empower you to make informed decisions, regardless of market trends or euphoria.

My no-nonsense approach equips you with essential research tools and strategy to identify real opportunities and navigate the traps of the cryptoworld. We use comprehensive analysis methods to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, technology innovation and long-term potential of each project.

This course is not for everyone. This course is for serious, GUTSY people who are committed to surviving downturns in the market and achieving life-changing wealth. I challenge you not to indulge in reckless spending and enjoy short-term pleasures which drain your bank account.

I know you want to go to a nice restaurant or take your crush out on a date or spend some money on a three-week vacation to Ibiza or Mexico. But these pleasures will only last a short time. I am here to encourage you to think long term. Instead, embrace decentralization to achieve financial independence.

As a crypto investor myself, I am not just talking the talk. I use the methods that I teach in this course, and I refine my strategy constantly. This course offers real-world strategies to help you achieve financial freedom and retire from a job you may hate.

It is time to act. You have the chance to discover hidden gems which could soar in the next bull market. Together, we will unlock the enormous potential of the crypto-universe and pave your way to financial success.

Join this course now and begin your journey to a life of wealth. This is not a scheme to get rich quick, but an opportunity to secure your financial future through informed decisions made after thorough research. Join our community and become part of a group of individuals who are ready to embrace a decentralized future. We look forward to seeing you on the course.


Instructor: Salah Eddine

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